How Having Systems In My Business And Outsourcing Saved My Sanity

I’m not going to lie. The last few days for my family have not been fun. My daughter Autumn came down with a really nasty virus and we have spent the last 3 days trying to control temperatures above 40 degrees, trips to the hospital and surviving on very little sleep. And then of course I still had to make sure we were all fed and the vomit cleaned up AND RUN A BUSINESS. Enough to make anyone lose their mind with stress right? WRONG!

My business was still able to run, in fact it GREW without me for the past 3 days. How did this happen? I was able to outsource some of my to do list items and I have systems in place to prevent business meltdown.

You may be thinking – “Hang on. You are a Virtual Assistant. Don’t we outsource to you?” Yes, you do. But I still run a business and I still have to do my own accounting, blog writing, social media, emails etc. I have created written step by step instructions that I can pass on to someone else when the going gets tough and I have to switch my focus elsewhere. I was able to outsource some of my tasks. SO CAN YOU.

Don’t wait until a crisis happens before you think to write down your processes, systemise your business or outsource some tasks from your huge to do list. You never know when the next ghastly virus may hit!




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