My Mission

Free Up Your Time

Do you find yourself bogged down in the everyday time consuming tasks of running a business, lacking the time to grow your bigger dreams? Let me take care of these little but important tasks! My mission is to help my clients gain back some precious time.

Gain some time to focus your energy and ideas on other areas of your business or take the time to spend with the family, relax & rest or go on a holiday.

Who can you delegate these tasks to in order to free up your time to focus on the more important details?

Tarryn is here for you!


I used Zimpasha to update my website with WordPress, she was fast and efficient and anything i asked for she did it, thank you very much i will need you again

Niki Christodoulides

eCom Logistics, Sydney

I was super happy and still am with Zimpasha’s services. I hired Tarryn because she was so vibrant, honest and intelligent. As soon as I set her the first task she totally nailed it. She has taught me more things than I could have asked for and helped me to achieve my goals seamlessly. Even when she is not on the job she still sees things that could be tweaked and always helps. This is the best kind of VA anyone could ask for. When someone goes the extra mile it makes all the difference, and that is why you need a VA right! If we could have done it faster and better ourselves then what would be the point?? Thanks again for all of your services Zimpasha. Feel free to fix my English on this one too. With love, Shennae

Shennae Lucas

Shennae Lucas - With Love, Maitland

I was looking at setting up a website for our small business, but for a while put it in the too hard basket because I felt overwhelmed by all the information & costs involved.

I then spoke to Tarryn who put my mind at ease & guided me through the process with little fuss & without the major expense. Voilá…our website was created.

From start to finish Tarryn was efficient, well organised & very resourceful throughout our website creation. I couldn’t recommend Tarryn enough. She’s fantastic!!!


Auto Tech Complete

Tina Fullerton

Auto Tech Complete, Beresfield

I have been dealing with Tarryn from Zimpasha on a regular basis and am so grateful for the high level of service she provides for our business. Hiring Tarryn has allowed me to focus my energy on other areas of my business without getting bogged down in the everyday time consuming tasks. I know that when I set Tarryn a task it is with a trusted and knowledgeable source and that it will be completed in a time efficient manner and to the highest quality. I highly recommend using Zimpasha for all tasks, big or small.

Drew Evans

Caifu Property, Sydney

Tarryn assisted in answering phones and taking messages whilst I worked overseas. Tarryn was a pleasure to deal with, very prompt, very professional and I will certainly be using her services again. Hopefully the secret about how good Tarryn is doesn’t get out too quickly!! I highly recommend using Tarryn.

Siobhan Em

Separate Together, Canberra